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A paddle game that changes as you play

Every point you must choose a modifier: some are good for you, some are bad for you, and some are just pure chaos. Make your paddle faster. Make your opponent's paddle smaller. Watch the ball violate every law of physics. (Even the third one! Especially the third one!) Every game is different. And be careful! Modifiers add up, and they last for the whole game.

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  • v1.1
    • Sweet music
    • A new "Help" screen with modifier descriptions
    • A secret sound set
    • Fixed some bugs and animations


Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorMostly Bits
GenreSports, Action
Made withPlaydate
TagsPlaydate, Singleplayer


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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Version 5

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Wonderful time, everything you want from Pong and more. Don’t miss the kyle sounds, it’s my preferred way to play!

I do wish that on the end of match summary screen that you could use the crank to scroll the list of stats and modifications, it’d be nice to keep using it like I do to play, and the current stop/start movement you get by scrolling with the dpad feels unsatisfying and loud compared to how well everything else flows.

Great idea on the scrolling! We’ll look into that for the next release.

Thanks for the support!

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I love this game! Perfect for short bursts on my break at work. The only thing it is missing is a two player mode (P1 on D-pad, P2 on crank). It would be so much fun picking modifiers to help yourself or hinder your opponent, but then they can do the same to you!

Glad you enjoyed it! We explored 2 player mode early on, but it seemed pretty hard to play. Definitely something to explore more in depth, though!

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Love this! An easy game to pick up and play for short spurts, and one that I find myself coming back to play again and again for the wacky chaotic fun. Secret sound set is hilarious. 10/10 would Doink! again and Doink! often. 

Hope to see more games from Mostly Bits in the future :)

Thanks, Duchess! <3

this is probably my #1 most recommended playdate game, it's so silly and fun!  super easy to pick up and play a few matches during downtime (certainly not at work...)

Thanks for recommending it!

What is your favorite modifier and why is it Chaos Wall? :)


i pray for RNGesus to bless me with all chaos options someday


This is a fun game, I mean really fun. Normally, I wouldn't play a pong game, but adding modifiers per score is wonderful.

Glad you enjoyed it!


Just loved how you reinvented pong. Brilliant! And the attention to detail with the ball and modified cards animation!


Thanks! We definitely put more of those little polish items in than we originally intended, but it was fun to figure out.